TKS 850 C

Electronic Condensate dryer 8kg with 4 intensity levels and energy classification B / B

REF. 40854100
EAN. 8421152131718
Select a colour: White
  • Digital screen
  • 1-24 h delayed drying programming
  • Moist sensor
  • Both-direction rotary drum

Save on every drying

Heat pump dryers caring for your clothes with minimum power consumption while allowing to have dry clothes in less time than you can imagine.
Save on every drying

High-tech for perfect wash

Its stainless steel drum Softcare incorporates technology that enables care never before seen on your clothes during the wash and spin phases.
High-tech for perfect wash

Best results with maximum efficiency

Your system allows you to plan delayed start washing any time of day, even when you're at home, in order to take advantage intervals greater savings rates.
Best results with maximum efficiency

Memorize your favorite program

The MYcycle system allows you to store your washing programs on the control panel to access them quickly and easily.
Memorize your favorite program

Totally silent

Nor you hear, thanks to the incorporation of inverter A +++ engine, which allows you to wash your clothes at night Availing energy-reduced rate schedules so that nothing interrupts the tranquility of your home.
Totally silent

Wash all kinds of garments and fabrics

It incorporates new special programs with functions for all kinds of fabrics, so no longer need to wash by hand anymore.
Wash all kinds of garments and fabrics
  • Free standing dryer
  • Condenser dryer
  • 16 programs
  • Drying capacity: 8 Kg
  • Electronic control panel with display
  • Delay timer 1-24h
  • 4 Power levels
  • End of cycle alarm
  • Speed dry function
  • Humidity sensor
  • Anti-crease program
  • Delicate clothing program
  • Cooling program
  • Bi- direction rotation
  • Remaining time indicator
  • Removable filter with saturation
  • LED indicators for: on/off, filter saturation and full tank Inner light
  • Energy class: B

General measures

  • Product height (mm): 845
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Product sheet

  • Automatic (drying sensor) : Si
  • Energy cycle consumption full/partial load (Kwh): 4.74/2.16
  • Condensation percentages C1, C1/2, Ct: 80.1%/80.1%/80.1%
  • COndensation efficiency: B
  • Drying technology: Condenser
  • Consumption On/off and left modes (Kw): 0.28/0.8
  • Drying capacity (Kg): 8
  • Noise level washing/spinning/drying (dB): 69
  • Energy consumption (kWh/year): 561
  • Energy consumption (kWh/cycle): 561
  • Cycle duration (minutes): 112/140/90

Power supply

  • Nominal power heating element (W): 2500
  • Nominal power motor (W): 200
  • Voltage (V): 220-240/50
  • Nominal power heating element (W): 2500
  • Nominal power (W): 2700

Particular characterisitics

  • Child lock : Si
  • Adjustable feet back : Si
  • Electric control: LCD : Si
  • Bidirectional rotation : Si
  • Reversible door: 0
  • Possibility to drain water : Si
  • Electronic washing management : Si
  • Drum light : Si
  • Drum: Galvanized

Control indicator lights

  • On/Off: Si
  • Remaining time : Si
  • Drying : Si
  • Full filter saturation : Si
  • Drying timer (minutes): 30-150'

Special functions

  • Atomatic ventilation program : Si
  • Delicate fabrics : Si
  • Ant-crease : Si
  • Removable filter : Si

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