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IR 9330 HS

5 zone induction hob with Slider Control in 90 cm

REF. 10210165
EAN. 8421152148358
Select a colour: Crystal Black
Crystal Black
  • 3 stoves
  • Beveled glass
  • Heat retention mode
  • Cooking vessel detector

Become a real chef

You will be able to cook all kind of recipes if you're not a professional in the kitchen simply by selecting the appropriate icon thanks to its new direct functions incorporated.
Become a real chef

Cook homogeneous dishes without heat loss.

Make the most of the space on your plate thanks to the Flex inductions, designed to prevent heat loss distributing heat evenly.
Cook homogeneous dishes without heat loss.

Maximum precision and efficiency

Its extra large fire larger surface allows you frying and cooking in large pots, woks and pans with maximum efficiency.
Maximum precision and efficiency

Safe and easy to install on any surface

Your FastClick system allows you to install the plate easily and safely thanks to its innovative anchoring system.
Safe and easy to install on any surface

More responsible with the environment

Its high efficiency burners contribute to substantial savings of up to 20-25% gas and a significant reduction of harmful CO2 emissions.
More responsible with the environment

Cook your dishes faster than ever

Its triple ring increases by up to 20% more power compared to other common burners, achieving a remarkable increase in temperature and heat distribution.
Cook your dishes faster than ever

Find everything you want in you hob

Make the most out of your induction hob thanks to its new design, high temperature resistant, easy to clean and more efficient.
Find everything you want in you hob

Go one step further in your kitchen

The iKnob plates have been designed to enjoy its incredible comfort and intelligent innovation with minimum consumption. Its removable magnetic personality brings control, differentiation and a level of precision never before seen.
Go one step further in your kitchen

All your fires under control

You can control each zone with a different slider avoiding fire go wrong when modifying the powers and adapt each of them, preventing them from burning or sticking cooked delicate.
All your fires under control
  • Bevelled glass
  • 90 cm induction hob
  • Touch control slider
  • Cooking time programmer
  • Independent programmer of each cooking zone
  • iQuick boiling function (Ø 210 mm zone)
  • Power Plus function
  • Synchro function
  • Stop&Go Function
  • Pan optimization system
  • Pan detector
  • Low-temperature function
  • Security blocking
  • Residual heat indicators
  • 3 cooking zones:
  • 1 induction Ø 180/280 mm
  • 1 induction Ø 210 mm
  • 1 induction Ø 145 mm
  • Total nominal power: 7.400 W

Interior measurements

  • Inner width (mm): 860
  • Inner depth (mm): 380

General measures

  • Product Height (mm): 55
  • Product Width (mm): 900
  • Product Depth (mm): 400
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Particular characterisitics

  • Touch Control : Si
  • Timer : Si
  • Pan optimization system : Si
  • iQuick Boiling : Si
  • Low temp function : Si
  • Pan detector : Si
  • Power function : Si
  • Cooking programming : Si
  • Auto ignition: 0

Electric connection

  • Power supply 230 V : Si
  • Wire lenght (cm): 110
  • Frequency (Hz): 50-60
  • Cable connection lenght (cm): 110

Cooking zones

  • Induction Ø 145, 1400/1800 W: 1
  • Induction Ø 210, 2300/3200 W: 1

Security system

  • Residual Heat Indicator : Si
  • Safety Blocking : Si
  • Automatic Safety Disconnection : Si


  • Bevelled glass : Si
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