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The new Multislider hob video is available

The new Multislider induction hob video is now available (Video). The content of 2 minutes length can be found both in Teka’s Youtube channel (Teka Youtube) and in the marketing FTP. It is available in English, Spanish and other 4 languages.

he creation of these new appliances range means the development of a new generation of touch controls for cookers called Multislider by Teka. They allow to control independently each cooking zone without having to preselect it and making possible to adjust its temperature just with a finger scroll. 

addition, the Multislider PRO, not only includes all the mentioned advantages, but also new special cooking functions such as: Keep warm, to keep your food at the ideal temperature; Melting, for hot chocolate lovers; Simmering, the latest trend in low temperature cooking and iQuick Boiling, a function oriented to make you save time.

Aesthetics has not been forgotten and this hob range includes brand new serigraphs that make them even more attractive.

This video joins the previous product videos related to the launching of the WISH product ranges.