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Water heaters

EWH 80 SLIM Water Heater by Teka
  • Horizontal or vertical installation Instalación horizontal o vertical
  • 75 litre / 16.50 gallon capacity water heater
  • Slim reduced depth
  • Enamel coated double tank

A water heater that fits into your home perfectly

EWH 80 SLIM electric water heater fits perfectly into any space at your home, as it allows you to install it horizontally and vertically. Besides, its Slim design presents reduced depth size in comparison to other standard models. Discover all its features.


Water heaters designed to fit into any space

Before purchasing a water heater, it is important to know where it is going to be located. Teka´s electric water heaters provide you with more freedom when deciding where to place them, as they can be installed horizontally or vertically to meet your needs. Besides, thanks to their reduced depth design, you will be able to conceal them in the ceiling or inside a cabinet.


More resistant, and for longer

Being aware that water can cause some issues in water heaters, Teka manufactures its models with high quality, longer-durability- guaranteed materials. They are protected by three layers of proprietary coating on the inside and a stainless steel enamel resistor which prevents rust. Besides, their magnesium anodes are almost a 30% thicker to remove water scale and prevent corrosion. If you want a resistant, durable water heater, choose Teka.


Designed to make you save

Our electric water heaters are designed to make you save every time you turn the tap on thanks to their efficient consumption. They feature a power regulator, double tank with water flow system and a thermostat capable of adjusting the temperature from 30ºC / 86ºF to 75ºC / 167ºF. You will always have hot water come handy whenever you need it, while spending less.


Your safety comes first

Teka believes that safety is an absolute must, which is why our water heaters feature an automatic switch capable of switching off by itself in case of water leakage, a safety valve to prevent pressure boosting, and an anti-overheating system. Choose any of Teka´s water heater models and rest easy.


5-year guarantee, 5 years worry-free

Teka´s electric water heaters offer you a 5-year guarantee in their tank. That will make you be 5 years at ease.

  • Vertical and horizontal installation
  • Capacity: 80 litres
  • Sapphire enamelled tank
  • Sapphire heating element
  • Regulation of temperature: 30-75 ºC
  • Pressure valve > 5 bar
  • Max. Input temperature: 0,75Mpa
  • Thermometer
  • Anti Over-pressure protection
  • Earth leakage circuit breaker ELCB
  • Overheating protector
  • Dry heating protector
  • Waterproof Grade: IPX4
  • Rated power output 2000 W
  • 2 power levels: 1200/800W
  • Thickness of insolation: 20mm
  • Water connection: G½
  • Average number of users: 2-4
  • White

Overall measurements

  • Width : 570 mm
  • Depth : 340 mm
  • Height : 900 mm

Inner measurements

  • Capacity (l) : 80


  • Energy Efficiency : 32 %
  • Annual energy consumption AEC kWh/annum : 1602 kWh/annum
  • Sound power level L WA dB : 15 dB
  • Thermostat temperature settings Tout of the box ºC : 75ºC
  • Declared load profile : M
  • Water heating energy efficiency class : E


  • The mixed water at 40 °C V40 L : 103 L
  • Energy efficiency : 32.1 %
  • Storage volume V L : 75 L


  • Line : Electric
  • Range : Accumulation
  • Installation Type : Both
  • Sapphire enameled tank
  • Slim
  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • Protection against humidity of IPX 4
  • Overheat protection