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Water heaters

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Teka electric water heater, the water heater that suits your home best.

Looking for the best electric water heater for your home? Teka has the best solutions to fit into your home perfectly. A range of easy to install water heaters, designed with every type of family in mind.

Main features

Discover our water heaters and you will enjoy hot water at your disposal every time you need it:

  • How many people live at your home? Teka´s electric water heater models range from our 100 ltr. / 22 gal. water heater, perfect for large families, to just 15 ltr. / 3.3 gal. water heater, ideal for little studio apartments. Find water heaters that suit your needs best.
  • The placement of your water heater is up to you. Teka´s water heaters have reduced space requirements and some of them are even reversible. You will be able to place our water heaters either horizontally or vertically.
  • Our electric water heaters are designed to reduce water consumption every time you turn the tap on, thanks to their increased efficiency.
  • …and our water heaters also designed to last, featuring an exclusive triple- layer insulating system and a stainless steel enamel resistance that avoids rusting and corrosion.
  • Teka offers you a 5 year warranty provision for every water heater tank, in other words, you will be 5 years free of any worries.

Horizontal or vertical installation

When purchasing an electric water heater you must take into account its placement and its position. With the majority of Teka´s water heaters you will have more freedom of choice, because you will be able to install your electric water heater either horizontally or vertically and, thanks to its reduced depth, even conceal it inside a cabinet. Have a look at our water heater catalogue, and decide which electric water heater suits your needs best.

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Tank capacity à la carte

We are aware that each and every household is unique. That is why we offer you electric water heater models in various capacities, so that you can choose the electric water heater that fits best into your home. Choose any 100 ltr. / 22 gal., 50 ltr. / 11 gal. or even 15 ltr. / 3.3 gal. electric water heater model… Up to 9 different options.

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Low consumption

Besides, we want to help you save money and take good care of Environment. Our water heaters feature power regulation, double tank with water flow system, and a thermostat to adjust the temperature anywhere between 30 and 75º C/ 86 and 167º F. With our water heaters You will always have hot water ready at your disposal while spending less.

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An electric water heater for your peace

Safety is our highest priority. Teka´s water heaters feature an automatic switch off in case of electric leakage, a relief valve in the event of pressure boosting, and an overheating prevention system. Thus, you will sleep peacefully.

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