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Vacuum sealing machine

Vacuum sealer VS 152 GS by Teka
  • Built-in kitchen scale
  • Aluminium foil and film roll holders
  • Dedicated drawer for accessory storage
  • Smooth self-closing

Vacuum sealer by Teka, preserve your groceries for longer

Discover the advantages of having Teka´s new VS 152 GS food vacuum sealer at home. This professional workstation will allow you to weigh groceries with absolute precision and then seal and preserve them the way you like. Learn more about Teka´s vacuum sealer and shape a truly professional kitchen.

VS 152 GS

Vacuum sealer with bag sealer

Teka´s vacuum sealer allows you to preserve your groceries longer or experiment with haute cuisine techniques, specially those involving a steam oven. It features a sealer capable of extracting the air from the bags, thus preserving groceries in optimal condition and preventing oxidization and decomposition, keeping all their nutrients intact even when being cooked sealed.

VS 152 GS

Weigh everything before sealing comfortably

Teka´s vacuum sealer features a built-in scale so that you can weigh groceries accurately before performing sealing

VS 152 GS

Keep your kitchen always well arranged

Being arrangement an essential element in the kitchen, our vacuum sealer features two dedicated compartments for you to comfortably store and use plastic or aluminium rolls. Keep everything you may need always at hand.

  • Vacuum sealing machine
  • Kitchen scale with protective cover
  • Roll holder for aluminum film
  • Roll holder for transparent film
  • Place to store accessories
  • Self-closing
  • Soft-close
  • To combine with Compact Ovens & Mwo
  • Stainless steel

Overall measurements

  • Width : 595 mm
  • Depth : 557 mm
  • Height : 140 mm

Inner measurements

  • Depth : 500 mm
  • Height : 100 mm
  • Width : 470 mm
  • Capacity (l) : 23/23