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Vacuum sealing machine

Teka vacuum sealer, make your foodstuffs last longer.

Discover the advantages of having a food packing machine at home. Teka´s food vacuum sealer appliances are the perfect solution to hermetically seal your groceries without any risk of oxidation. You will be able to store them in the fridge or cupboard for as long as you need it, taking up minimum space and preserving all their properties. Use your food vacuum sealer to preserve a great variety of foodstuffs: vegetables, sausages and cold meats, nuts and dry fruits, meat… and you will have the fresh and ready to be consumed or cooked whenever you please. Discover Teka´s food packing machine appliances, what are you waiting for?

Main features
  • Teka´s vacuum sealer features a sealer which draws air from the bags, thus making food packaging the best way to preserve foodstuffs from oxidizing and decomposing.
  • Teka´s vacuum sealer features a built-in scale, allowing you to weigh foodstuffs accurately before performing food packaging on them.
  • Teka´s vacuum sealer features an integrated drawer design that fits snugly into your kitchen´s furniture. Our packing machine is elegant, minimalistic and requires almost no space.
  • Good arrangement is essential in your kitchen. Store your shrink bags or plastic rolls conveniently inside Teka´s vacuum sealer and have them always at hand when food packaging.
  • Experiment with professional haute cuisine techniques. Perform food packaging on items such as vegetables, fish, meat…and cook them whenever you please straight inside their food packaging, preserving their flavour even better.

Vacuum sealer

Vacuum- sealed foodstuffs last longer, preserve their flavour and moist features intact and are little space demanding. Add a food packing machine to your kitchen appliances, what are you waiting for?

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