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Single-bowl kitchen sink and drainer ZENIT R15 1B 1D 86 left by Teka
  • Single bowl and drainer
  • High-quality stainless steel design
  • R15 bowl for easy cleaning

Kitchen sinks by Teka, enjoy design and quality

If you want to enjoy an avant-garde kitchen, start by choosing a sink by Teka. Manufactured in the same exquisite manner a chef chooses the best ingredients, it will be the ultimate element to provide your kitchen with a touch of character. Discover everything it has to offer.

ZENIT R15 1B 1D 86

Highest quality in the market

Teka´s kitchen sinks are manufactured the same way a chef pampers its recipes: with the very best ingredients. The highest quality, extremely resistant austenitic stainless steel, together with the best design and functionality, make Teka´s sinks the silent protagonists in any kitchen.

ZENIT R15 1B 1D 86

R15 line, a perfect piece of work

The new R15 kitchen sink line is the perfect combination between arithmetics and intuition. Manufactured in a single process, R15 is a reference to their angle graduation (Radius 15), a solution which provides the sink bowl with verticality while displaying beautiful and minimalist edges. R15 sinks feature 20 cm. / 7.87 inch. depth, therefore being more comfortable to use and easier to clean. Choose a R15 line sink and prepare to be proud of having an artwork design right in your kitchen.

ZENIT R15 1B 1D 86

Sinks with a 75-year guarantee

Teka is so confident about our quality standards that we offer a 75-year guarantee in all of our stainless steel kitchen sink models for you to be completely at ease.

ZENIT R15 1B 1D 86

Making a difference even into the smallest details

Paying close attention to detail is what shapes excellent results. Teka´s sinks come together with intelligent, exquisitely designed solutions. They feature a subtle anti-overflow slot which removes the excess water from the drainer or the soundproof elements capable of absorbing the noise made by falling water in the sink. Clever engineering and innovation are key features to make us stand out.

  • Fregadero de cubeta y escurridor
  • Acero inoxidable 18/10
  • Radio de cubeta R15 para facilitar la limpieza
  • Desagüe automático con válvula canasta 3½”
  • Tapa decorativa inox
  • Chapa de gran espesor
  • Profundidad de la cubeta 200 mm
  • Mueble de 50 cm
  • Orificio grifo izquierda
  • Stainless steel

Overall measurements

  • Width : 860 mm
  • Height : 520 mm


  • Sink Type : Stainless steel
  • Sink Installation : Pop-up,Left version
  • Base (cm) : 50
  • Sink situation : Inset


  • Optional accesories : Stainless steel colander,Wood chopping board,Soap dispenser
  • Included Accesories : Pop-up basket wastes 3 1/2 with overflow,3 ½ waste decorative cover

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Single-bowl kitchen sink and drainer ZENIT R15 1B 1D 86 right by Teka