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Sink taps

Sink taps Teka

Kitchen taps by Teka, adaptive to any kind of ambience

Teka´s kitchen faucets have been designed to become an essential element to provide the ultimate character touch to your kitchen. Discover our huge catalogue of kitchen taps and, combined with one of Teka´s sinks, your worktop will display a style full of harmony and consistency. Besides, Teka´s kitchen faucets are manufactured with the best available materials and feature filtering technology for you to enjoy fresh and clean water, free of any impurities. Take a look at what Teka´s kitchen taps and kitchen faucets can offer you.

Main features
  • Teka´s kitchen taps models are very resistant. Their ceramic cartridges have endured service life tests which go beyond twice the mandatory on and off turning cycle regulation threshold.

  • Enjoy water that only tastes like water. Teka´s taps models feature an advanced TekaPure filtering system which neutralizes chlorine taste and gets rid of the water´s impurities.

  • Teka´s kitchen taps and kitchen faucets feature a convenient temperature limiter which reduces the energy consumption required to heat up water.

  • Use only the amount of water you require, not more, not less. Teka´s kitchen taps and kitchen faucets feature a flow controller to help you save water each and every time you turn the faucet on.

  • Enjoy hot water risk free, as Teka´s kitchen taps and kitchen faucets feature an exclusive anti-burn system which minimizes the risks of hot water-caused mishaps.

  • There is no place too difficult for us. We have developed a removable and retractable kitchen taps that allows installation even next to a window, without compromising its opening.

Freestanding kitchen taps

Are you looking for a freestanding faucet which fits into your kitchen needs? Teka offers you high spout kitchen taps, removable kitchen faucets, mixer kitchen taps, retractable kitchen faucets…And don´t miss our exciting coloured designs. Modern faucet models developed with your comfort in mind.

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Wall-mounted kitchen taps

Wall-mounted kitchen taps

Wall-mounted kitchen taps provide you with more freedom when it comes to customizing your kitchen. Our kitchen taps are the perfect solution for installations set higher than those of conventional faucet models. Combined with our sink models, the final look is spectacular. Besides, with our kitchen taps you will save space in your kitch

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