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WISH ovens by Teka, fill your kitchen with unique shared moments

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Teka has created the new WISH oven range.
Featuring impressive aesthetics, Teka´s new WISH oven models are precision appliances, low-consuming and extremely easy to use. They are capable of granting you all of your culinary wishes. Our new range combines design and elegance with the most advanced functionalities so that you can get the best taste in all your recipes and enjoy the pleasure of cooking like never before.
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Main features
  • Our WISH ovens are extremely easy to clean. They feature the DualClean function, a double auto-cleaning system inside the same appliance: Pyrolysis and Hydroclean. Heat and water.
  • They are really roomy. They feature a larger inner space, with 30% more capacity than previous models, and tilt-protected trays with a 7.5% increased cooking surface. They will fulfil your wishes in big family events!
  • Our ovens are very easy to clean on the outside as well, since their doors and glasses are easily detachable and they are made of anti-fingerprint stainless steel.
  • Our Teka WISH ovens do all the cooking for you! They feature a personal cooking assistant capable of telling you the temperature and time required for every recipe.
  • WISH ovens by Teka feature a temperature sensor capable of measuring the exact temperature of your meat or fish recipes so that you know they are cooked to perfection. Just like the pros!
  • Featuring new and stronger telescopic slides for better performance. Extract trays with total precision and more smoothly. With their "Clip-on" slide installation system, you will be able to extract the trays almost completely so that you can have easy access to your recipes burn risk-free.
  • 4-glass Cool Touch System® safety system to prevent burns.
  • Beautiful, full of character designs. Teka´s WISH ovens have been created with all lifestyles in mind. There´s a WISH model right for you.

Pyrolytic ovens

Teka introduces its new range of pyrolytic WISH ovens. With this pyrolytic system you will have your oven always as new for less than 0.50 Euros. The new WISH oven models are the only ones featuring the DualClean system: pyrolysis and Hydroclean®. Cleaning power through high temperature, or water steam.

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WISH Maestro ovens

WISH Maestro ovens

These are the ovens for those who, in addition to precision and easy use, look for a reflection of their personality through appliance design and recipe making. Recipes capable of granting wishes. Teka´s WISH ovens feature up to 50 preset recipes, just add the ingredients and the oven itself will adjust temperature and mode automatically.
Besides, they feature the SlowCook mode and a temperature sensor, two wishes that will maximize flavours and textures so that you cook like a pro at your own home.
Available in Stainless steel-glass and White-glass designs

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Combi ovens: All-in-one standard and microwave oven models

Teka believes that space saving is not at odds with highest quality, that is why we have developed the new WISH combi oven range, featuring multiple options so that you can turn into an outstanding chef and show off your cooking skills to your beloved ones.
Being an all-in-one oven and microwave solution, it will allow you to optimize the available room in your kitchen while you prepare your favourite recipes with the help of all its functionalities. Besides, it will provide your kitchen with a touch of great character.

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WISH ovens, minimal consumption

Teka´s WISH ovens are rated Energy Class A+. Thanks to their maximum efficiency use, they reduce energy consumption by up to 20% compared to previous models.
These ovens are low-consuming, much-offering and they help you save and preserve environment.

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High capacity ovens

Teka´s WISH ovens are really roomy: up to 76 effective litres, a 30% increase in capacity. Besides, to make you take advantage of this space, WISH ovens feature our Multicook individual container system which will allow you to cook several recipes simultaneously with no aroma mixture. Cooking for everybody, no holds barred!

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Ovens full of granted wishes

Teka´s WISH ovens feature smart solutions suitable for the kitchen of your dreams. You can choose your model among many designs, black, white, stainless steel. Pyrolytic, with Hydroclean system, featuring TFT screens, or displays. 60 cm / 23.6 inch or 45 cm / 17.7 inch in height, featuring ergonomic controllers or not. With 2,3 or 4 safety glasses. With Multicook or cast aluminium trays to be used in the oven or over induction surfaces.
Whatever you want.
As many options as you wish…

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With Teka´s WISH microwave oven models you will be able to cook much quicker and easier without sacrificing a delicious outcome. They are easy to use and, mostly, to clean. In addition, you will get a perfect alignment in your kitchen, combining them stacked or in line with any of the models available in the WISH oven range. Design and maximum coherence for your kitchen.

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