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WISH microwave ovens by Teka, the quickest way to cook delicious recipes

Teka´s WISH microwaves are conceived to make you cook delicious recipes in the shortest time. Because now your microwave oven is not only capable of heating but also preparing healthy and healthful meals in a quick, easy way for you.
Easy to use and, mostly, to clean, they will become your best partner in your kitchen.

Main features
  • Teka´s WISH microwaves will surprise you at first glance, thanks to their meticulous design, LED screen and touch control panel, and easy use and cleaning.

  •  They are perfect to be stacked vertically alongside our regular oven range models, thus creating an authentic “Teka look”. Their installation is hassle-free and you can choose the opening direction of the door.

  •  With Teka´s WISH microwave oven models you will never find cold spots in your meals again. Thanks to their double wave output, our microwaves are capable of delivering uniform heating power, therefore cooking foodstuffs evenly.

  •  Our new microwave oven models are capable of storing power and time presets required to cook your most usual meals in their memory; therefore, you will be able to select them on the fly without wasting any time whenever you please.

  •  Teka´s WISH microwave ovens do know about healthy recipes. With their Crunch mode you will be able to cook and even fry with just a touch of oil a great variety of foodstuffs, such as eggs, sausages or hamburgers.

  • In some of our microwave oven models, we have replaced the turntable for a ceramic base capable of performing a better heat distribution, saving money and being easier to clean.

  • Brown cook while heating, get delicious dishes. Teka´s microwave grill ovens feature an upper folding resistor that allows for easy, almost effortless thorough cleaning.

Built-in microwaves

With Teka´s WISH built-in microwave ovens your kitchen will display elegant and pure looks while being also highly functional.
Should you wish to stack them, they make a perfect combination with our WISH range of standard ovens.

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Combined ovens: All-in-one standard and microwave oven models

Combi ovens: All-in-one standard and microwave oven models

Teka believes that space saving is not at odds with highest quality, that is why we have developed the new WISH combi oven range, featuring multiple options so that you can turn into an outstanding chef and show off your cooking skills to your beloved ones.
Being an all-in-one oven and microwave solution, it will allow you to optimize the available room in your kitchen while you prepare your favourite recipes with the help of all its functionalities. Besides, it will provide your kitchen with a touch of great character.

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Freestanding microwaves

Teka´s WISH freestanding microwave ovens are the perfect solution for any kind of kitchen.
Their sophisticated design features anti-fingerprint stainless steel and digital control panel, and you will be able to install them anywhere you want.

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The secret to a more even cooking

In many of our WISH range microwave oven models, we have replaced the turntable for a ceramic base capable of performing a better heat distribution, saving money and being easier to clean.

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Crunch mode, really crunchy recipes

With Teka´s new microwave oven models you will be able to brown cook groceries with just an oil tablespoon thanks to the Crunch mode!
Some of our models feature our ferrite plate which guarantees very healthy and uniform cooking with a really crunchy result.

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Hot drinks, pizza or chicken?

Teka´s WISH microwave ovens feature shortcut menus which allow to reckon the time and power required for having everything ready in just a moment. The most advanced models feature up to different 10 shortcut menus.

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