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Washers and Dryers

TEKA washer and dryer, designed to pamper your clothes

Do you need a new washing machine? You are in the right place! Teka offers you a wide array of models designed to help you, take care of you and of your garments.

Main features
  • Our washer and dryer features a Quick Wash programme lasting only 15 minutes for those occasions you have restricted time to have your clothes ready
  • Our washer and dryer takes care of your health thanks to its anti-allergy system
  • Our Teka washing machine features a spin speed power or 1400 rpm, saving a lot of drying time
  • Our washer and dryer also features a water-foam recognition system, guaranteeing a perfect cleansing
  • Choose any custom programmes in our washer and dryer, aimed at any type of garment and degree of soiling. Every washer adapts to the needs of your garments
  • Being extremely silent, you can wash noiselessly and without hassle any time of the day
    You will save during each and every wash, while being respectful to the Environment

Washing machine

Inox or white, fingerprint resistant and designed to protect every piece of clothing during the washing process. Search here for the most suitable top load washer or front load washing machine for you.

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Our cutting-edge dryer is equipped with humidity sensors, anti-wrinkle drying, and a delicate laundry-dedicated programme. Get to know our dryer.

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Washer dryer

Do you want a washer and dryer which pampers your garments from the basket until they are back into the wardrobe? Here you'll find your washer dryer.

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Freestanding washing machine Teka

Freestanding washing machine

Choose the best washer for your clothes. Here you will find your stand-alone, easy-to-install, freestanding washer.

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Integrated washing machine Teka

Integrated washing machine

Do you want an integrated washing machine that fits flawlessly into your kitchen's design? Even more, do you want a washer that provides easier laundering? Find your integrated washing machine here.

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Secadora Teka

Condenser dryer

Although all dryers might seem the same, they're not. Discover Teka's condenser dryer models and learn more about the advantages of this garment drying system.

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SPA washing machine, pampering your garments in every wash

SPA washing machine, pampering your garments in every wash

Your most delicate laundry… needs a SPA treatment! Get to know the new range of Teka washing machines, designed to make your clothes last longer. If you were afraid of machine-washing your wool sweaters, now you can do it completely at ease. Our SPA washer is Woolmark certified, thus ensuring excellent results, as it's also suitable for hand wash items. They offer that and much more…

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8kg washing machine teka

8 kg Teka washers

Capacity is a key feature when you buy a washer. In Teka you will find 8 kg washing machines prepared for large laundry. You can wash blankets, duvets or bulky items.

8 kg Teka washers