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Kitchen Accessories

Recirculation kit for range hoods SET 1/N by Teka
  • Refer to specifications in order to check range hood model compatibility

Unique solutions for your kitchen

Teka´s kitchen accessories have been designed and developed so that you can enjoy the time you spend cooking or sharing special moments with your beloved ones to the most. Products that are original, resistant and manufactured of the best materials. Kitchen accessories guaranteed by Teka.

  • - DSB, DJE, DJ 980/680, DJ 950/750/650, DPS, DH2, DH 980/780/680, DHB, DH 1180/980/780/680 T, DPE 90, DPL 90, DGE, NCE, DG3, NC2, DG 950/750/650, NC 950/750/650, DF 90, DHC 90 (SET 1/N)
  • - DH 1185/985/785/685, DH 1185/985/785/685 T, DP 985 T, DPL 985 T, DG 985/785/685, NC 985/685/785 (SET 1/N + Adapter 61801340)

Available downloads: