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Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories

Kitchen accessories by Teka, pampering your kitchen down to the last detail

Teka pays attention into every detail. Therefore, here you will find oven, range hood, fridge, dishwasher or hob accessories, and improve your appliances with unique, quality elements always delivered by Teka. Discover our catalogue of kitchen accessories and find the perfect solution for you.

Main features
  • Choose the easiest way of sorting waste and recycling containers, packages or bottles. Teka offers you recycling storage solutions, adaptable to the space available in your kitchen.
  • Should you require any accessory or spare part, be sure to choose original components and rely on Teka´s guarantee and trustworthiness.
  • Prepare delicious recipes with the help of our cooking pots and pans. Manufactured with the highest quality materials, they are the perfect companion for our hobs, as they are extremely easy to clean and durable.
  • Food waste disposers, valves, soap dispensers, decorative lids, carbon filters… Every single kitchen accessory you may need, you will find it here.

Kitchen accessories

Teka´s main goal is no other than to make you enjoy every single moment you spend in your kitchen cooking your most delicious recipes. Hence, we have a vast array of accessories at your disposal, such as wooden trays, cooking pots, soap dispensers… to complement your kitchen down to the smallest detail, always delivering our trademark product satisfaction guarantee.

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