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Vertical perimeter extraction range hood QUADRO DLV 998 by Teka
  • Up to 815 m³/h extraction capacity
  • 3 air extraction levels + intensive
  • LED light bar
  • Class A++
  • Ecopower
  • Perimeter extraction
  • Extraction timer
  • Legally bound maximum A rating
  • Extremely silent (37dB max.)

A smoke-free kitchen with a design hood

Teka´s new QUADRO DLV 998 vertical decorative range hood features maximum A rating in the 4 statutory fields. Thanks to its technological innovations and its functionalities, Teka´s range hoods provide convenience in your kitchen with a new meaning. They´re extremely easy to use and accurate. Its wide catalogue provides you with every option possible regarding design and size.

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A work-of-art-like range hood

This hood by Teka fits perfectly into any space. We are aware that aesthetics and extraction capacity are equally important for you, which is why we offer you a wide array of models that, like this one, that will resemble a true work of art.


Ecopower, the environmentally friendly, most efficient engine in the market

The new Ecopower engines are now even more silent, efficient and environmentally friendly. Enjoy a range hood featuring an A++ engine capable of reducing a 75% in consumption (in relation to Energy class D), higher extraction capacity and extremely low noise air extraction levels. Only a brand like Teka is capable of achieving the highest Energy Class standard, reducing consumption up to a 50% less than Class A. A noticeable daily saving.


Decorate your kitchen with a LED light bar

Provide your kitchen with more luminosity while preparing your favourite recipes. This range hood by Teka features a LED bar capable of lighting your cooking space, lasting longer and consuming less so that you can work comfortably. A higher luminosity, maximum durability and minimal consumption all-in-one solution.


Extracting air from all angles

Teka works for you to enjoy a kitchen free of odours and smoke. That is why our hoods feature an advanced and innovative perimeter extraction Contour System capable of extracting air from every angle. Thanks to this type of technology, based on Venturi effect, smoke and odours can´t escape the hood´s force of extraction. The only aroma you will notice will come from your delicious recipes, and you will enjoy fresh and purified air while in your kitchen.


Set them up and don´t worry about turning them off

When cooking, it is advisable to leave the hood in operation for a while even after finishing. Teka´s extractor hoods make it very easy for you, because they feature an extraction time programmer. You can set the hood to keep filtering the air without worrying about turning it off, as it will do it by itself.


All-new Touch Control panel, paying attention into the smallest detail

Teka is aware that every detail counts, and we don´t leave anything to chance. Hence, this new range hood features an elegant black glass Touch Control panel with highly sensitive white serigraphy, extremely convenient to use, capable of providing the hood with a unique touch of character.


Say goodbye to those annoying noises in your kitchen

Teka´s extractor hoods are so silent that you will barely notice they are performing while you are cooking your favourite recipes. Our hoods feature very stable soundproof panels which deaden the hood and reduce drastically the noise level produced by the extraction process.

  • Vertical decorative hood
  • EcoPower motor
  • Energy Efficiency class: A++
  • Rim extraction
  • Touch control panel
  • Operating pilot light
  • 3 speeds + 1 intensive
  • Exhaust capacities:
  • Free Outlet, m³/h: 890
  • Qboost, m3/h: 815
  • Max., m3/h: 626
  • Min., m³/h: 264
  • Noise (LwA) Boost Speed, dB: 64,7
  • Noise (LwA) Max Speed, dB: 58,2
  • Noise (LwA) Min Speed, dB: 37,4
  • 1 LED bar
  • 2 Glass panel; aluminum filter below
  • Stop delay timer
  • Filter saturation indicator
  • Black

Overall measurements

  • Width : 900 mm

Technical Specifications

  • Total Hood Power (W) : 172
  • Motor Power (W) : 165
  • Frequency (Hz) : 50
  • Ø Outlet (mm) : 150
  • Number & Motor Type : 1 DT
  • Voltage (V) : 230

REGULATION (EU) No 65/2014 & 66/2104

  • Air flow (Qmax) : 626
  • Noise (LwA) Max Speed, dB : 58
  • Annual Energy Consumption (AEChood) kWh/a 2 : 27
  • Energy Efficiency class : A++
  • Energy Efficiency Index (EEIhood) : 36,4
  • Fluid Dynamic Efficiency (FDEhood) : 38,2
  • Air pressure at best efficiency point(Pbep) Pa : 406
  • Off mode Power (Po) W : 0,76
  • Grease Filtering Efficiency (GFEhood) % : 75,9
  • Average illumination of the lighting system on the cooking surface (Emiddle) Lux : 390
  • Air flow at best efficiency point (Qbep) m3/h : 339
  • Air flow (Qboost) : 815
  • Fluid Dynamic Efficiency class : A
  • Electric power input at best efficiency point (Wbep) W : 100,0
  • Grease Filtering Efficiency class : C
  • Light Efficiency (Lehood) lux/Watt : 55,7
  • Time increase actor (f) : 0,6
  • Lighting Efficiency class : A
  • Air flow (Qmin) m3/h : 264
  • Nominal power of the lighting system(WL) W : 7
  • Noise (LwA) Min Speed, dB : 37
  • Noise (LwA) Boost Speed dB : 65


  • Outlet Reduction 150/120 mm : Yes
  • Anti-return valve


  • Control Panel : touch control
  • Number of Speeds : 3 + 1
  • Stop Delay Timer
  • Filter saturation indicator
  • Lamps Type : LED
  • Color : Black
  • Exhaust Capacity - Free Outlet (m³/h) : 890
  • Filter type : Aluminum filter below
  • Number of filters : 2
  • Aspiration Type : Rim extraction
  • LED Lighting
  • EcoPower motor
  • Filter Saturation Display
  • Stop Delay Timer
  • Rim extraction
  • Low Rumorosity