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Induction hob IR 5300 by Teka
  • 3 stoves
  • Beveled glass
  • Heat retention mode
  • Programador
  • Cooking vessel detector

An induction hob to enjoy each and every recipe

Discover Teka´s IR 5300 induction hobs and enjoy the pleasure of cooking even more. This 3-stove hob features cutting-edge functionalities, such as a cooking vessel optimization system, allowing your recipes to be cooked just the way you like. Discover it here.

IR 5300

Increase cooking power by up to 70%

Teka´s INDUCTION HOBSs will offer you maximum cooking power whenever you need it, whether you want to heat up a recipe quickly or to grill any meat thoroughly. Their Power plus mode allows you to increase total temperature by 70% for up to 10 min., reaching 3700 W, to prepare your most delicious recipes exactly the way you want.

IR 5300

Preset them and don´t worry about switching them off

Teka´s hobs have been designed with all the amenities you need for your cooking in mind. That´s why they feature a cooking time setting device for each hob, which allows you to set up to 99 min. cooking time independently and lets you know when it´s finished by an alarm sound. Teka´s hobs provide you with total freedom when cooking.

IR 5300

Focus on what´s important

Teka is aware that silence is a key factor in concentration. Thus, with this function you will be able to silence boiling changes so that the hob only notifies you about essential features.

IR 5300

Smart hobs, adaptable to your cooking vessels

With the help of Teka´s INDUCTION HOBSs, you will not have to renovate your kitchen pots or pans. Their innovative Vessel Optimization system makes your recipes to be heated to the chosen temperature, regardless the quality of the metallic vessel you use. This system provides smart, steady and uniform heating, increasing the temperature in case your cooking vessels need it.

  • Bevelled glass
  • 60 cm induction hob
  • Touch control
  • Cooking time programmer
  • Independent programmer of each cooking zone
  • Power Plus function
  • Pan optimization system
  • Power management function
  • Mute function
  • Pan detector
  • Low-temperature function
  • Security blocking
  • Residual heat indicators
  • 3 cooking zones:
  • 1 induction Ø 180/280 mm
  • 2 induction Ø 145 mm
  • Total nominal power: 7.300 W
  • Black cristal

Overall measurements

  • Width : 600 mm
  • Depth : 435 mm

Inner measurements

  • Depth : 50 mm
  • Height : 415 mm
  • Width : 580 mm

Singular Features

  • Timer
  • Pan optimization system
  • Low-temp function
  • Pan detector
  • Power function
  • Cooking programming

Electrical Connection

  • Wire lenght cm : 110
  • Maximum nominal power : 7300 W
  • Power supply 230 v

Cooking Zones

Safety Systems

  • Residual heat indicator
  • Safety blocking
  • Automatic safety disconnection


  • Bevelled glass : Yes
  • Pan Optimization
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Digital programming / Timer
  • Power Management Function
  • Power Plus Function