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Teka hobs, enjoy cooking more than ever!

With Teka´s new WISH hobs you will rediscover the joy of ccoking. Easy to use, easy to clean and low-consuming, Teka provides you with one of the widest ranges in the market, capable of adapting to you, your lifestyle and your way of ccoking.
Discover our catalogue of induction, vitroceramic, gas, twin –gas and induction in the same hobs- or modular, and find the most suitable solution for you and your kitchen.
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Main features
  • The new WISH induction and vitroceramic hob models allow you to set cooking time beforehand so that, while they cook, you don´t have to worry about anything
  • Thanks to Teka´s iQuick boiling system,our hobs let you know when water reaches boiling point, and adjust heating power to keep it for as long as you need.
  • With Teka´s WISH hob models there will be no challenging recipe. They feature the Power Plus function which increases heating power by 70% for those foodstuffs that require more intense cooking.
  • Our hob models are very versatile and capable of adapting to your cooking needs. Use several small kitchenware pots or pans simultaneously over the same cooktop or the other way round, take advantage of several cooktop areas to place a bigger size pot or pan.
  • Safety is a priority in Teka´s hobs. Induction cooker models disconnect themselves automatically after being on for a long period of time, and gas hob models shut the gas pipe off if the flame extinguishes to avoid any accident.
  • Every hob by Teka is extremely easy to clean, because we have removed any unhandy nook for easy access. In our induction models, wiping the surface with a cloth will suffice.
  • You will be able to find the perfect hob for your kitchen, regardless the space available. We have one of the biggest catalogues available in the market. You will find the model you are looking for with Teka.
  • Combine your hob with modular attachments such as a grill or griddle to optimize your kitchen and get always the best results in your recipes.

Induction hobs

Find the induction cooker you are looking for. Teka´s new WISH hobs are faster, safer and more efficient, as they just heat the pot or pan in which you are cooking without losing any heat or energy.
Choose induction cooker models ranging from 95 cm / 37 inch to 50 cm / 20 inch and custom design the kitchen you always dreamed of.

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Teka’s vitroceramic models consume less than conventional appliances and feature some functions that will make your cooking easier, such as Burst of cooking function, for those dishes that need extra power in their preparation, or a touch control panel. Sizes availabe form 95 cm / 37 inch to 50 cm / 20 inch.

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Gas hobs

With Teka´s gas hobs, you will get the most genuine taste for your most traditional recipes. Our gas hob models are very powerful, display a modern, easy to clean design and feature several safety measures for you to feel at ease while cooking. Should you need a gas hob for your kitchen, choose Teka.

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Gas + Induction, no holds barred

Gas + Induction, no limits

Teka expands its gas hob range with the new Twin model. An innovative induction plus gas combined hob, the two most demanded cooking systems by cuisine lovers.
Touch Control panel with programmer, cast iron grills, easy cleaning, safety systems… everything you wished in a worktop, to cook with no limits.

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iKnob hob teka

iKnob induction hob

Teka wanted to surprise you once again. This time with the technology and design into our new WISH iKnob induction hob. It has been developed so that you enjoy its unprecedented convenience and its clever innovation. It performs with minimal consumption, and it is extremely easy to use and clean. Its detachable magnetic controller provides character, uniqueness and a degree of precision previously unheard of. iKnob is the ideal hob for those who want to push the envelope in their kitchen.
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induction hob Teka

Teka Induction, speed, efficiency and simplicity

Teka´s induction hobs are quicker, cleaner, safer and energy efficient. They are able to reduce time and consumption while you are cooking, being the fastest way to do it. Besides, they keep the surface clean, since it reaches adequate cooking temperature only if in contact with the cooking vessel, and by wiping the surface with a wet cloth it will be clean again. They are energy efficient hobs from the very manufacturing process, as the ceramic glasses featured in our hob are completely recyclable.

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TFT induction by Teka, the tablet that cook

Teka has developed a new induction hob featuring a full colour 7 inch touch screen, which allows you to adjust all its functionalities with just your fingertip, in the most intuitive manner.
It features all the capabilities you were waiting for, such as Melting mode, perfect for chocolate or fondues, Keep Warm, capable of preserving recipes warm until served, or Simmering mode, to make you cook like an expert.
The induction hob you always wished for.

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Teka Space

Teka Space, limitless induction

Teka Space hobs, thanks to their cutting-edge technology, allow you to use big size cooking vessels, for those big-atendance meal events, or several pots or pans over the same surface without wasting energy. 
Space constrictions will no longer be an issue with our ne Teka Space models.

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