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Completely integrated dishwasher DW8 86 FI by Teka
  • Delayed programming
  • ECO mode
  • 10 washing programmes

Nothing takes better care of your crockery and cutlery

Teka´s DW8 86 FI integrated dishwasher takes care of your crockery and cutlery every time so that it turns out always impeccable regardless the degree of residue. It features multiple dedicated programmes and is also extremely silent. Discover all its functionalities.

DW8 86 FI

If you are not sure about which programme to use, your dishwasher knows best

Not sure about which programme is the most suitable to wash your dishes? Don´t worry! Your Teka dishwasher will choose it for you. It features an automatic programme which selects the temperature, washing cycles and the amount of water necessary as appropriate, so that your dishes turn out clean and shiny with the lowest water and energy consumption possible.   

DW8 86 FI

Washing programmes which take good care of what matters the most to you

Teka dishwashers provide your crockery and cutlery with the good care they deserve. That is why they feature a baby-bottle-dedicated Hygiene programme, capable of performing a 70ºC / 158ºF anti-bacterial rinsing at the end of the washing cycle. This way, they guarantee you perfect disinfection and a higher hygiene level when it matters the most.    

DW8 86 FI

Dishwashers capable of adapting consumption according to the amount of dirt

Sometimes we fill up the dishwasher with extremely dirty dishes and pots which require thorough cleaning, but occasionally they would turn out perfect with a shorter washing cycle. Teka is aware of this, which is why our dishwashers feature our exclusive Aqualogic system, a turbidity sensor capable of monitoring the water intake according to the amount of dirt in your crockery. This way, unnecessary rinsing is avoided, saving water and energy.              

DW8 86 FI

Save in salt and polisher

With Teka´s dishwasher you can always rest assured that your crockery and cutlery is always impeccable, while taking the most out of your detergent and allowing you to save. Their 3 in 1 system stops the salt and polisher when included in the detergent, thus shortening rinsing cycles. You won´t have to worry about anything, as it optimizes every washing cycle by performing minimal consumption.    

DW8 86 FI

Your crockery and cutlery always impeccable

If you are looking for a dishwasher capable of pampering your kitchen utensils while leaving them clean and shiny, look no more. Teka´s dishwashers feature an extra third fixed upper sprinkler to ensure a more thorough cleaning and a better rinsing of the upper basket.   

DW8 86 FI

Extremely silent so that you can use it whenever you please

Now you will be able to use tour dishwasher whenever you need it without worrying about noise, as Teka´s dish washers are extremely silent. The noise produced when performing is below 47 db, less than a normal conversation. Wash your dishes whenever you please without being interrupted in your rest.     

DW8 86 FI

Your peace is a must for us

Teka´s dishwashers take good care of your crockery and cutlery thanks to their Aquastop system, a technology capable of, should any spillage or leaking be detected, shutting off the water intake to avoid any mishap or flooding    

  • Fully integrated dishwasher
  • Electronic control panel
  • LED display
  • Place Settings : 13
  • Washing programs : 10
  • Washing temperatures : 38°, 45°, 55°,
  • 65°, 70° C
  • Full Aquastop
  • Aqualogic
  • 3 in 1 selector
  • Delay timer 1-24h
  • Dual half load
  • Fast program 38 minutes
  • Auto program
  • Eco program
  • Third sprayer
  • 5 positions water softener with
  • electronic adjustment
  • Automatic adjustable upper basket
  • Indicator pilots for : Selected program,
  • lack of salt and rinse aid
  • Back feet adjustment from front
  • Floating hinges
  • Energy class : A+/A
  • Noise level Db( A ): 45
  • Power supply : 220/230V -50 Hz
  • Inox

Overall measurements

  • Width : 598 mm
  • Depth : 570 mm
  • Height : 858/908 mm

Product Fiche

  • Noise dB : 45
  • Capacity ( place settings) : 13
  • Standard program : ECO (55ºC)
  • Drying efficiency (5) : A
  • Installation : Built-in
  • Energy efficiency (1) : A+
  • Installation : Built-in
  • Cycle duration (minutes) : 165
  • Energy consumption per year (kWh) (2) : 294
  • Power consumption (kWh) (3) : 1.03
  • Power consumption (kWh) : 0.02/0.8
  • Water consumption year/litres (4) : 2660


  • Height (mm) : 695/760
  • Width (mm) : 596
  • Plinth (mm) : 50


  • Power rate (W) : 1900
  • Power supply (V/Hz) : 220-230/50


  • Water softener
  • Microfilter
  • 3 in 1 SELECTOR
  • Digital display
  • Agua-logic
  • Delay timer : 1-24h
  • Half load
  • Number of programs : 10
  • Fast program (minutes) : 38
  • Number of washing temperatures : 5
  • Economic program
  • Hidden heating element


  • Airbreak (entry/filling/draining)
  • Internal leakage control
  • Overflow


  • Salt aid
  • Optical sign end of program
  • Acoustic sign end of program
  • Rinse aid
  • Select program : LED


  • Adjustable upper basket : Push-up
  • Foldable racks on bottom tray
  • Floating Hinges
  • Adjustable feet front
  • Back feet adjunt from front
  • Adjustable feet back
  • 3rd sprayer
  • Grey colour basket
  • Stainless steel Tub and back door
  • Energy Consumption
  • 3 in 1 selector
  • Low Rumorosity
  • ECO
  • Quick Wash
  • Energy label
  • Dual Half Load
  • Water Consumption
  • Autoprogram
  • Hygene
  • Push up system
  • Aquastop
  • Aqua-logic
  • Balance Door Regulation
  • Third sprayer
  • Digital Programming

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