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Compact in size, huge in performance

Teka has created the new WISH compact oven range for those aspire to achieve the best results in their recipes and more room in their life. All the advantages of a big appliance in a smaller package.

Main features

Compact ovens by Teka

Teka´s new WISH compact ovens are bigger in every sense, except in height. They feature a new and innovative design and as much clever solutions as the 60 cm / 23.6 inch models.

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Endless possibilities

Choose the WISH household appliance combination that suits you best! Teka´s compact ovens, regardless their equipment range, have all the features of 60 cm / 23.6 inch ovens in a reduced size.

Combi model: oven + microwave

The best combination! Why choose when you can have both in the same appliance. Compact oven + microwave models offer the usual features of a multifunctional oven with the power of a microwave. All in justoneunit.

Multifunctional compact ovens, cook with just the touch of a button

Relax! Teka´s multifunctional compact ovens feature a cooking assistant which allows you to automatically cook your recipes always getting the best result out of them. Choose food type: chicken, lamb, fish, pie, pizza… make a weight selection, press the button and you´re ready to enjoy your meal!