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Cold Line

Side by side No Frost refrigerator POLAR NFE 900 X by Teka
  • Inner ice cube dispenser
  • Quick refrigeration and freezing
  • Holiday Mode
  • Anti-bacterial system

A refrigerator specialized in taking good care of your health

Discover Teka´s side by side POLAR NFE 900 X model, a No Frost refrigerator capable of preserving your groceries for longer while, thanks to its anti-bacterial system, taking good care of your health. Besides, it features a very versatile interior so that you don´t have any space restrictions. Find out everything about it here.


A refrigerator which takes good care of you and your health

Teka´s refrigerators care about preserving your groceries, but also about protecting your health. They feature an advanced anti-bacterial system based in silver ions, all over their inner coating and door sealing, which prevents fungi and bacterial growth. Besides, this technology, along with their carbon filters, prevent bad odors inside the fridge. Your refrigerator will always be protected, even in those areas with more difficult access, to protect your health and preserve your foodstuffs fresh and healthful for longer.


Cooling or freezing, it´s your choice

Use the multi-purpose drawer of your refrigerator as you wish anytime, to cool or freeze indistinctly. An ideal space which, thanks to its horizontal, separation-free layout, suits your needs perfectly. Refrigerators by Teka, designed always with comfort and user-friendliness in mind.


A frost-free refrigerator

This fridge features Teka´s No Frost system, which controls the inner temperature and moist level precisely, preventing ice and frost formation over groceries and refrigerator walls. Besides, it offers a quick and high quality freezing feature in order to preserve groceries better and avoid odour mixing.


Clever design for your total convenience

Teka´s refrigerators feature advanced, very easy-to-use, control systems, such as LCD screens and Touch Control panels, to adjust the appliance. This provides them with an appealing design as well. They feature LED lighting and a wider, up to 150 opening angle, for you to have the most easy access to the groceries inside your fridge.


More efficient and environmentally friendly

Teka´s refrigerators have been designed to save energy and to be more environmentally responsible, as they are rated Energy Class A+ and feature the ECO Function, which make the appliance run with a minimal energy consumption.


Non-disturbing refrigerators

Teka´s fridges are extremely silent. They feature an advanced compressor capable of reducing noise levels below 45 db, for them to preserve your groceries fresh and healthy without producing any annoying noises or vibrations.


Preserve your groceries fresh for longer

Teka cares about your well-being, that is why our fridges are capable of preserving your foodstuffs for much longer than you could expect. Thanks to their 0-3°C / 32-37°F refrigeration zone, meat and vegetables preserve their qualities and freshness three times longer


Capable of automatic temperature adjustment

This refrigerator features an intelligent temperature adjustment technology called Fuzzy Logic system, which allows you to adjust their temperature automatically and adapt it to room temperature. If you are looking for an efficient fridge, do not hesitate: choose Teka.

  • Full No Frost side by side refrigerator
  • Touch control panel
  • LCD display
  • Fingerprint proof stainless steel door
  • 4 * freezer
  • Intelligent cooling system
  • 4 antibacterial systems
  • Twist ice maker
  • Fuzzy logic temperature control system
  • Eco function
  • On holidays function
  • Fast Freeze / Quick Cool function
  • Fresh Freeze compartment
  • Pilot lights : super freezing, refrigerator/ freezer temperature
  • Safety glass shelves
  • LED inner light
  • 0-3º Zone
  • 3 freezer drawers
  • 1 multipurpose zone freezer/fridge
  • 2 vegetable drawers
  • Energy Class : A+
  • Climate Class : SN-T
  • Noise level : 43 dBA
  • Total gross capacity : 610 litres
  • Net capacity ( fridge ): 360 litres
  • Net capacity ( chiller ): 25 litres
  • Net capacity ( freezer ): 155 litres
  • Voltage : 220-240v/50 Hz
  • Stainless steel

Overall measurements

  • Width : 920 mm
  • Weight : 124,8 Kg
  • Depth : 765 mm
  • Height : 1825 mm

EU Product Fiche

  • Noise level (db) : 43
  • Category : 7
  • No frost in freezer compartment
  • Type of installation : Free standing
  • Freezing capacity (l) : 13
  • No frost in refrigerator compartment
  • Chilling compartment capacity : 25
  • Total gross capacity (litres) : 610
  • Refrigerator compartment capacity (litres) : 360
  • No frost in chiller
  • Annual consumption (kWh/year) (2) : 455
  • Energy Class (1) : A+
  • Temperature rise time (h) : 15
  • Freezer compartment capacity : 155
  • Climate class : SN-T
  • Freezer clasification : 4

Power supply

  • Defrost element power (W) : 190
  • Energy consumption (Kw/day) : 1,246
  • Power supply : 220-240/50
  • Power rate (V) : 200


  • Fuzzy logic function
  • Fast Cooling function
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Fast freezing
  • 0-3ºC Zone
  • Antibacterial treatment
  • Electronic control : LCD
  • Adjustable feet front
  • Inner light
  • On holidays function
  • Adjustable thermostast
  • Fingerprint proof door

Control indicators

  • Operating light fridge
  • Operating light freezer
  • Visual Alarm
  • Fast freezing indicator
  • Temperature display freezer
  • Temperature display fridge
  • Acustic alarm


  • Vegetable drawers
  • Ice cubes trays : Tilt
  • Safety glass shelves
  • Energy label A*
  • No Frost
  • Eco function
  • Chiller Compartment
  • Antibacterial system
  • Fingerprint Proof Stainless Steel
  • On Holidays function
  • Fuzzy Logic System