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Cold Line

Teka's refrigerators, freezers and wine coolers, designed to take care of your health

Our refrigerator and fridge freezer appliances incorporate the most advanced solutions to keep your foodstuffs always fresh and healthy. They feature anti-bacterial protection and dedicated refrigerating functions to keep each food item at the most adequate temperature. Teka´s refrigerator and fridge freezer models, designed to take good care of your health.

Main features
  • Teka´s refrigerator and fridge freezer models take good care of your health, featuring an anti-bacterial system throughout its inner coating and its doors´ sealing.
  • You will be oblivious to check on the thermostat saving energy at the same time, thanks to the Fuzzy Logic featured in all our refrigerator and freezer fridge appliances, capable of adjusting the inside temperature in relation to the room temperature.
  • Our refrigerator and fridge freezer models are environmentally responsible. They feature Energy Class A+, Eco function, Vacation Mode and LED lights. They´re designed to save energy and money.
  • Our refrigerator and fridge freezer models feature the most adaptable interior with space saving in mind, incorporating a 5-piece bottle rack and door-wide shelves.
  • Our refrigerator and freezer fridge appliances are extremely silent, thanks to their sole compressor capable of reducing overall noise below 45 db.
  • Regarding outer design, Teka´s refrigerator and freezer fridge appliances feature intelligent, easy-to- use solutions, such as LCD screen, digital management and a 150º door opening angle.
  • A refrigerator or fridge freezer for each type of family: combined, American-style, side-by-side or small-sized fridge models. Find the one that suits your needs best!
  • Our refrigerator and freezer fridge appliances make great allies for those times when you need them most. Should you be in a hurry, take advantage of their rapid freeze function. Besides, they feature a compartment capable of being used as a refrigerator or freezer indistinctly, whatever your choice may be.
  • Our refrigerator and freezer fridge appliances are also smart. In case of a blackout, they´re capable of maintaining the set temperature of the freezer up to 24 hours without power supply.



Teka´s refrigerator appliances will be your best allies for keeping your foodstuffs fresh and flavourful. Choose the refrigerator that suits your kitchen best and let it take care of you and your items: combined refrigerator, American-style refrigerator, single-door refrigerator or small- sized refrigerator; smart and functional, and with every kind of family in mind. Which of these refrigerator model is for you?

Which one is yours?

Fridge freezer

Teka´s fridge freezer appliances offer you intelligent storage solutions and low energy consumption. Discover our No Frost fridge freezer models capable of preventing the formation of ice or white frost inside their compartments. Besides, they offer an easy solution for storage, their doors feature an anti-bacterial seal, and they´re extremely silent. If you are looking for an efficient fridge freezer, this is the place to find it.

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Wine cooler

If you enjoy a good wine and want to store it while keeping its aroma and taste, Teka´s wine cooler devices are your best option. Preserve your most treasured wine bottles at the right temperature with Teka´s wine cooler models. They will be stored at optimum temperature, thus ensuring you will enjoy the pleasure of tasting a great wine. Choose either an embeddable wine cooler or a freestanding wine cooler and take the most suitable wine cooler for your kitchen.

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Frigoríficos Integrables

Integrated refrigerator and fridge freezer

Adapt the outer design of your refrigerator and fridge freezer to fit into the design of the rest of your kitchen´s furniture. Inside teka´s catalogue you will find at your disposal a great array of integrated refrigerator and fridge freezer models in various sizes for you to panel as you wish. Blend elegance and functionality with Teka.

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Combi refrigerator

Combi refrigerator

Combined refrigerator and fridge freezer models offer you multiple storage capabilities and easy access to fresh produce. Discover our catalogue of combined refrigerator and fridge freezer appliances. The experts in preserving your foodstuffs as fresh as the day you bought them.

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Side by side refrigerator

Side by side refrigerator

Put an end to storage space problems! Discover Teka´s American-style or side-by- side refrigerators and fridge freezer models and store all your foodstuffs trouble-free. Featuring water and ice dispensers, No Frost technology and energy saving system to take care of your bills, too. Perfect for you!

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Small-sized refrigerator

Small-sized refrigerator

If you require more room in your fridge or a small-sized refrigerator or fridge freezer for your second residence, you will find it right here. Discover our range of undermount installation refrigerator and fridge freezer appliances. Compact- sized coolers, perfect for preserving your foodstuffs without bothering about the room available in your kitchen.

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