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Coffee machine

Automatic coffee maker CLC 855 GM by Teka
  • Coffee, tea and steam modes
  • 30 automatic programmes
  • 2 simultaneous servings
  • 13 grinding options
  • Auto-clean mode
  • 15 bar pressure

The best choice for coffee lovers

Discover Teka´s new stainless steel Wish CLC 855 GM coffee maker and enjoy an excellent cup of coffe whenever you wish. A true experience that you will be able to share with your beloved ones through the aroma and taste of the best freshly brewed coffee. Find out everything about Teka´s integrated coffee maker, and provide your home with a professional touch.

CLC 855 GM

What would you like to drink?

A flavourful cup of Italian coffee or a delicious exotic tea? With Teka´s automatic coffee maker the choice is on you, as it features 3 modes, coffee, steam and hot water.

CLC 855 GM

Shared experiences

With Teka´s automatic coffee maker you will be able to prepare two coffee cups simultaneously. Enjoy those unique moments and share them with your beloved ones around the aroma and taste of the best freshly brewed coffe.

CLC 855 GM

How do you want your coffee today?

Teka´s coffee maker features 30 programmes for you to prepare your coffee exactly the way you enjoy it. Teka´s automatic coffee maker allows you to select the amount of grain and the strength for each cup. Besides, you can use coffee beans so that you can enjoy true taste! You will be able to monitor the whole grinding process, you just have to select quantity and intensity. Get always the ideal taste and aroma for you and your guests.

  • Built-in coffee maker
  • Capacity : 2 cups
  • 3 functions ( coffee, steam and hot water )
  • 30 automatic programs
  • Electronic control panel
  • Pump power: 15 bar
  • Integrated coffee grinder
  • Grinding coarseness regulator : 13 positions
  • Coffee beans deposit : 200 grams
  • Pre-grounded coffee deposit
  • Water tank capacity : 1,8 litres
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Automatic decalcifier
  • Quantity of coffee, temperature and intensity regulation
  • LED lighting
  • Telescopic guides
  • Stainless steel

Overall measurements

  • Width : 595 mm
  • Depth : 413 mm
  • Height : 455 mm

Inner measurements

  • Depth : 391 mm
  • Height : 441 mm
  • Width : 527 mm

Singular Features

  • Range : Built in
  • Type : Bean
  • Fingerprint Proff Stainless Steel
  • auto