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Coffee machine

Espresso machine by Teka, share aroma and taste of the best coffee blends right in your kitchen.

Thanks to Teka´s coffee machine you will share unique moments around a cup of exquisite espresso or cappuccino coffee. Our built in coffee machine fits perfectly into your kitchen´s furniture design, adding an exclusive touch of personality and refinement. This automatic coffee machine features the most advanced capabilities to make you enjoy your coffee´s aroma and flavour in every cup. Discover our espresso machine and experience shared quality moments in your own kitchen. The best coffee maker in the market.

Main features
  • Teka´s automatic coffee machine will provide your kitchen with an exclusive touch of elegance. Our espresso machine fits flawlessly with other products available in Teka's catalogue, such as ovens or microwaves, and features an appealing stainless steel design, LED screen and touch control panel. It is the best coffee maker in the market.
  • What would you like to drink? A cup of Italian espresso or a delicious exotic herbal tea? With Teka´s automatic coffee machine the choice is on you, as our espresso machine features coffee, steam and hot water options, and prepares up to two cups at the same time. The best coffee maker available.
  • Besides, our espresso machine features 30 programmes to prepare your coffee exactly the way you like it. Teka's automatic coffee machine is the best coffee maker available, and allows you to select the amount of grain and strength for each cup. Get always the ideal aroma and flavour for you and your guests with our built in coffee machine.

Built in coffee machine

There are moments you would not trade for anything, like those enjoying the aroma and taste of a delicious cup of coffee along with your beloved ones at home. Provide your kitchen with an automatic espresso machine by Teka, the best coffee maker available, and experience enjoying a cup of freshly ground coffee while spending quality moments with your beloved ones thanks to our espresso machine, the best coffee maker in the market.

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