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  • DualClean

    Teka DualClean
    Pyrolysis and HydroClean all in the same oven

    Dual Clean System

    They are the only models featuring the DualClean System, allowing you to choose, all in the same appliance, the option that suits your needs best: Pyrolysis or HydroClean®. Heat, to take advantage of the cleaning power of high temperature (pyrolysis), or water, to perform cleaning through steam power.

    The DualClean System offers you the possibility of choosing between any of the two cleaning modes just by turning a knob. If you have two options available, why settle with just one?

Heat for deep cleaning

Your oven clean for less than 50 cents

Pyrolysis is a heat-driven self-cleaning system capable of making food scraps and grease in the oven disappear or turning them into tiny, easy to remove particles.
The oven´s exclusive inner design allows maximum heat efficiency. That is why our cleaning programmes are shorter and more effective.
These new ovens feature 3 cleaning options according to the degree of dirt: 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Against many beliefs, pyrolysis is really affordable, as savings derived from non-usage of chemical products are joined by its low energy consumption per use: less than 50 cents. Besides, it is recommended to be performed after, approximately, 4 or 5 oven uses.

Water for daily cleaning

The cleaning power of steam

Teka offers you 2 options for water cleaning: HydroClean® PRO and HydroClean® ECO.

Hydroclean® PRO
You just have to press a button to activate the Hydroclean® PRO function. As easy as that!
Hydroclean® ECO
The manual and most ecological option. Add water, select bottom mode at 90ºC / 194ºF for 4 minutes. Wait for 20 minutes, and you´re done!
The combined action of steam generated inside the oven´s cavity and Hydroclean® technology will help you remove grease and dirt with just a glass of water and a couple of soap drops over a cloth. It will be ready in just 24 minutes, with minimal effort!


Safety in your kitchen is not just an option for Teka. That is why the door features a safety lock activated through all the pyrolytic cleaning process or even during cooking, 3 or 4 insulating glasses and a 2-speed Plus tangential fan to cool the door down without wasting energy, so that everything is at your wish.

New Slippery enamel

Cleaning inside these new ovens is more efficient thanks to their inner coat of Slippery enamel.

This new generation of enamel coating preserves the oven´s interior clean for longer, thanks to its low adherence which enhances easy cleaning.
In addition, its resistance to acids and chemicals prolongs its service life and improves protection against occasional hits during cooking.

With Teka´s exclusive enamel, water (HydroClean®) or heat (Pyrolisys) cleaning functionalities achieve better results while preserving your oven´s interior in perfect condition.