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Bathroom Accessories

bathroom fixtures

Bathroom accessories by Teka, developed to pamper your bathroom down to the smallest detail.

Teka offers you everything you need to provide your bathroom with character and personality. Discover our catalogue of bathroom accessories, designed to provide your bathroom with a touch of elegance and refinement, distinctive of Teka´s look. Our bathroom fixtures feature towel holders, soap dishes, hangers…and make a perfect combination along with our faucets and showers. Enter and discover our bathroom fixtures.

Main features

• We know that a towel holder is much more than a stand for towels. Discover Teka´s bathroom accessories and provide your bathroom with an exclusive and elegant item.

• Teka´s bathroom hangers will surprise you with their organic and minimalist designs. Our bathroom fixtures are a result of the study of straight lines and space, with perfect integration into your bathroom in mind. Discover our bathroom fixtures.

• Teka´s stainless steel bathroom shelves have been manufactured with extremely water- resistant materials and are available in multiple sizes.

Bathroom accessories

Our bathroom fixtures are created by our designers, who put their passion down to the smallest detail. That is why Teka´s bathroom accessories are a combination of beauty and functionality, a perfect

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