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Sink taps

High spout kitchen tap ARK 938 by Teka
  • Anti-scale aerator
  • Rotary spout
  • Single-mode detachable taphead

Taps for demanding kitchens

Introducing Teka´s ARK 938 model, an appealing, very resistant and detachable kitchen tap, which allows you to work comfortably around your sink. Besides, it is minimal in design, but will provide your kitchen with a modern and unique touch of character. Discover all its features.


Always clean, impurity-free water

Teka´s kitchen taps feature an anti-scaling aerator capable of avoiding deposits and reducing water splashes. Thanks to this system, we can prolong our taps´ service life in order to keep them always in best condition. Besides, scale deposits are easily removable with just a flick of your finger.


Detachable taps, making your life easier 

Thanks to Teka´s rotating and detachable spout system, you will now be able to do your kitchen chores more comfortably and efficiently. Their flexibility in performance will allow you to cleanse your biggest kitchen items, such as oven trays, or fill a water bucket without any spilling.

  • Swivel spout
  • Pull-out shower
  • New extra resistant flexible hose
  • 3/8” flexible inlet pipes • Anti-scale aerator
  • For ½” connection versions please check with your sales contact person
  • Chrome