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Grill microwave oven MWE 207 FI by Teka
  • 3 cooking modes
  • 5 performance levels
  • Anti-fingerprint stainless steel
  • Automatic thawing based on time and weight
  • Safety lock

Wish microwave oven, your best partner in the kitchen

Teka´s WISH MWE 207 FI grill microwave oven is the perfect solution to cook quickly and delicious. It´s extremely easy to use and clean. Discover it.

MWE 207 FI

Grill microwave oven, your homemade recipes ready in no time

Do you feel like having a delicious pasta dish with grated cheese? Prepare it in your Teka microwave oven in you will be able to enjoy it in just a few minutes. Thanks to its grill, you will be able to take advantage of its combined cooking feature and grill your recipes the way you like. Besides, it´s quicker, easier to clean and designed to prevent burns.

MWE 207 FI

Your safety is a must for us

Teka´s microwave ovens feature a very useful built-in Safety Lock, to avoid unintentional handling or prevent any mishap when cleaning the inside. Teka helps you be always at ease.

MWE 207 FI

Quick and easy installation procedure

The installation of an integrated microwave oven by Teka is an easy task to perform, taking only 5 to 10 minutes at most. Its frame is built into the microwave itself, not into the piece of furniture, which is why it will be ready twisting just four mounting screws. Besides, it features an electronic opening system and different options, depending on which side you prefer the opening angle to be (to the left or right). Teka makes it easy for you once again.

MWE 207 FI

The design kitchen you always wished

If you wanted a kitchen exuding exclusiveness, the new Wish microwave oven is the ideal solution for you. Enjoy its modern and avantgarde design, which combines perfectly with the range of Wish ovens so that you can stack them together and get an authentic Teka look. It features Touch Control panel, LCD screen and an eye-catching anti-fingerprint stainless steel finish.

  • Built in microwave & grill
  • Gross capacity 20 litres
  • 3 cooking functions
  • Quick start 30 seconds
  • 5 power levels, 800W
  • 1,000W quartz grill
  • 0-95 min. timer
  • Automatic defrost by time and weight
  • Children safety block
  • Stainless steel inner cavity
  • Includes built in kit
  • Fingerprint proof stainless steel
  • Stainless steel

Overall measurements

  • Width : 595 mm
  • Depth : 325 mm
  • Height : 390 mm

Inner measurements

  • Depth : 295 mm
  • Height : 220 mm
  • Width : 315 mm
  • Capacity (l) : 20