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Kitchen Island extractor hood DH2 90 ISLAND by Teka
  • Up to 650 m³/h extraction capacity
  • 3 extraction speeds + intensive
  • Halogen lamps
  • Backlit electronic control panel
  • Digital display

A smoke-free kitchen with a design hood

Teka´s DH2 90 ISLAND model features an elegant and avant-garde design that will provide your kitchen with a unique touch of character. Besides, thanks to its extraction technology, you will be able to prepare delicious recipes free of smoke or odours. Discover all Teka can do for you.


Set them up and don´t worry about turning them off

When cooking, it is advisable to leave the hood in operation for a while even after finishing. Teka´s extractor hoods make it very easy for you, because they feature an extraction time programmer. You can set the hood to keep filtering the air without worrying about turning it off, as it will do it by itself.


Say goodbye to those annoying noises in your kitchen

Teka´s extractor hoods are so silent that you will barely notice they are performing while you are cooking.


Extremely easy to clean

Cook every kind of recipe you please without concerning about the cleaning of your extractor hood. Teka´s extractor hoods are equipped with filters made of several layers which retain suspended particles, avoiding them to reach the hood´s engine. They are very easy to disassemble and you can clean them comfortably in your dishwasher. Besides, our hoods feature an electronic filter saturation signal lamp which indicates you when to clean them for optimal performance.


Extractor hoods that don´t need an external outlet

If external ventilation is not available in your kitchen, don´t worry. This extractor hood by Teka is designed to work both in filtering or recirculation mode indistinctly. You only need to attach on advance active carbon filters which will take care of regenerating and purifying the air circulating through them. Thus, your kitchen will always be free of odours and smoke, whatever you may cook.

  • Island hood
  • Backlit electronic panel with red display
  • Conventional aspiration
  • 3 speeds + 1 intensive
  • Exhaust capacities:
  • Free Outlet (m³/h) 850
  • Max. (m³/h) 650
  • Min. (m³/h) 295
  • Noise (LwA) Max Speed 56 dB
  • Noise (LwA) Min Speed dB 48 dB
  • Integrated halogen lamps
  • 3 stainless steel-aluminium filters
  • Stop delay timer
  • Easy-Clean inside panel
  • Reinforced black glass upper structure
  • Stainless Steel/Black glass upper part

Overall measurements

  • Width : 900 mm

  • Aspiration Type : Conventional