Tips for taking care of your kitchen sink


In order to ensure that your sink remains unchanged with the passing of time and as stylish as on the first day, it is important that you follow some basiccare tips so that one of the essential components of your kitchen stays in perfect condition.

Teka, the sink specialist, recommends some simple steps for keeping your sink in perfect condition:

1. Cold water

2. A small amount of soap

3. Apply with a soft sponge

4. Rinse well

5. Dry to enhance the beauty of the surface

You must also remember to avoid using some products and items that may damage both the appearance and the durability of your sink:

They can be found in almost all soaps and cleaning products and using them may damage the stainless steel. They are water-soluble which is why, if used, they must be rinsed well to ensure no trace of them remains. One good weekly clean is all you need to keep your sink bright and shiny.

As occurs with most metallic surfaces, a stainless steel sink can become scratched. In general, you need not worry as with the passing of time wear marks end up blending in with the sink’s overall finish.

Knife use
Using the sink as a cutting board may cause deep scratches in the surface,damaging your sink irreversibly.

Water quality
Not all waters are the same and some may affect your sink’s appearance. For example, water with a high iron content may cause rust stains to appear in your sink. Moreover, areas with high mineral concentrations may produce white stains. In order to prevent these stains from appearing, whatever their cause, we recommend that you clean your sink and dry it and use a soap productspecially recommended for sinks once a week.

It is not advisable to dry foods that contain high salt levels on your sink’s surface. If this occurs, rinse it carefully after use.

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