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90 years working for Real Homes

About us

PEOPLE is what Teka cares about the most. That is why our everyday mission is to manufacture household appliances and bathroom solutions so that real people enjoy and share unique moments with their beloved ones.

Our mission

PEOPLE is what Teka cares about the most. That is why our everyday mission is to manufacture household appliances and bathroom solutions so that real people enjoy and share unique moments with their beloved ones.

Our values


Passion for our work and our products becomes our greatest satisfaction. Teka lives the kitchen world intensely so that we can provide the best experience possible to our customers.

Shared emotions

Our products emerge from emotions. Emotions that we want to share with each one of our customers so that they can, thanks to our household appliances, share their most unique moments with their beloved ones.

PEOPLE is what Teka cares about the most. That is why our everyday mission is to manufacture household appliances and bathroom solutions so that real people enjoy and share unique moments with their beloved ones.

A company evolving over time

With more than 90 years in the market, Teka is a German multinational corporation engaged in manufacturing and marketing kitchen – being considered as one of the leading specialists in built-in household appliances – and bathroom solutions.

PEOPLE is what Teka cares about the most. That is why our everyday mission is to manufacture household appliances and bathroom solutions so that real people enjoy and share unique moments with their beloved ones.


Since our very beginning we have remained loyal to our roots. The spirit of our founder is our inspiration, generation after generation. We believe in authenticity as a timeless value.


A self-demanding spirit in the creation of our products, based on the trust placed in us by millions of customers throughout the years to take good care of their families.

Our purpose

Since the very first moment we come up with a product sketch, we have only one idea in mind: to make possible that our customers live and share, thanks to our products, their most unique moments in the kitchen.

Reasons to choose Teka:


Teka is always synonym with quality. Our products undergo strict in-house and external controls so that they arrive to your household providing all the requisite quality guarantees: ISO certified, initial sample tests, random on-delivery inspections. Quality control does not stop at our lab.


Since technology must not be at odds with responsible consumption and taking care of the planet, we work hard to create eco-efficient solutions that will actually help you save money and energy. The outcome, up to “Energy Class A+++”certified household appliances or taps capable of reducing water consumption.

Multiple suitable solutions for you

Since our vocation is to make your life easier, we offer integral solutions to help you simplify your chores. As an integral supplier, we provide you with a wide segment coverage. Versatility and adaptability are part of our DNA. We think locally, and work globally, to suit your lifestyle.


For more than 90 years of expertise in the market, we have endeavoured and thought over each and every one of our processes in search for continuous improvement. The outcome: more than 116 million customers worldwide already trust in us

Broad range of products

With one of the most extensive product portfolios in the market, Teka provides integral solutions for the kitchen and for almost all the elements in the bathroom. Our built-in appliances and our comprehensive selection make us one of the favourite brands for many decorators and interior designers all over the world.


Since we believe that supporting talent is the key to change the world, each year we invest in I+D+i. The outcome, unique and innovative solutions for real life.

How we have arrived here

Our history

Worldwide presence

116 countries • more than 100 million customers • 23 factories

Teka has subsidiary companies in 35 countries and 23 plants spread all over Europe, Asia and America, allowing us to market our products in 116 countries, providing service to more than 100 million households all over the world.

Flagship projects with Teka´s imprint

Some of the world´s most relevant facilities have the participation of Teka. We are partners of avant-garde architecture and some of the most innovative design projects all over the world, which have become true construction milestones.

  • Spain

    T4 Terminal Barajas-Adolfo Suárez airport, Madrid

  • Germany

    Adlon Kempinski Hotel, Berlin

  • Spain

    Santiago Bernabéu football stadium -Real Madrid C.F-, Madrid

  • Egypt

    Four Seasons Hotel, El Cairo

  • United Kingdom

    Heathrow Airport, London

  • United Kingdom

    Emirates Stadium -Arsenal F.C-, London

  • France

    Eiffel Tower, Paris

Teka, supporting sport

Multiple awards endorse us

Teka has been granted worldwide for the highest quality and reliability of our products with multiple international design and functionality awards. A reward that encourages us to keep on developing real solutions for real people.


      Dobry Design 2016, Poland


    • Teka Induction IRS 943

      Homedec Awards 2015 Innovative Product, Malaysia

    • Teka DW 1 605 FI Dishwasher

      E.ON Energy Efficiency Award, Hungary

    • Küppersbusch Induction Hob

      Plus X Award 2015, Germany

    • Küppersbusch Built-In Oven

      Plus X Award 2015, Germany

    • Intra Eligo Sink

      Red Dot Award 2015, Germany

    • Intra Eligo Sink

      Interior Innovation Award 2015, Germany

    • Ovens

      Escola de Consumidores Award, Portugal

    • Ovens

      Wybór Konsumeta, Poland

    • Küppersbusch Ovens

      Hot Chili and Copper Editions. Red Dot Award 2014, Germany

    • Teka Hydroclean® Oven

      Escola de Consumidores Award 2014, Portugal

    • Küppersbusch Meisterstück

      Red Dot Award 2014, Germany

    • Teka Hydroclean® Oven

      Home Dec Awards 2013, Malaysia

    • DU-90 Hood

      Home Dec Awards 2013 Best Design, Malaysia

    • Moonlite Tap

      Dobry Design 2013, Poland

    • Forno Teka Hydroclean®

      Prémio Escolha do Consumidor 2012, Portugal

    • Forno Teka Hydroclean®

      Dobry Design Award 2012, Poland

    • Forno Küppersbusch

      Compact microwave individual range. Red Dot Award 2012

    • Cozinha Küppersbusch Meisterstück

      Cozinha Küppersbusch . 
Red Dot Award 2012

    • Máquina de café Küppersbusch

      Red Dot Award 2012

    • Cozinha Küppersbusch

      Red Dot Award 2012

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Teka group

Teka Group, based in Switzerland, is comprised of multiple companies which run three different business units:

Kitchen and Bathroom

It is the biggest business unit in Teka and one of the most prominent when speaking of built-in household appliance and stainless steel sink manufacturing, the latter offering a 75-year guarantee.

The most relevant products manufactured by this branch are induction, ceramic glass and gas hobs, standard and microwave ovens and range hoods. Besides, it manufactures and distributes kitchen and bathroom taps and all sorts of household and public facility restroom accessories.

This division also manufactures porcelain enamel for steel and cast iron. Since the inauguration of Weihai´s plant in China in 2009, a new business line focused on supplying coolant devices for thermal power plants was opened.

The branch markets its products under several brand names - Teka, Küppersbusch, Mofém, Thor and Vitrogar- and has 17 own production facilities: 7 in Europe and the rest all across America, Asia and Turkey.


Teka´s containers are widely present around the world.

The main product line corresponds to beverage containers, primarily beer, being the company the leading global supplier with a market share of over 35%. One out of three beer barrels in the world is manufactured and marketed by Thielmann-Portinox, based in Granada, Spain.

Through a company by the name of UCON, the division develops a huge array of containers dedicated to industrial transportation and storage, with particular attention to pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Its products are manufactured of stainless steel and have a storage capacity ranging from 5 litres / 1.1 gallons to over 100000 litres / 22,000 gallons.

The container division has several plants distributed across Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Mexico. Recently, the company has decided to reinforce its business activity merging current labels PORTINOX, COMET, UCON, THIELMANN y WEW under the brand name Thielmann, the container company.

In 2016 the Group acquired the German company WEW, allowing diversification in the container range by entering military or emergency sectors and consolidating Thielmann´s presence in oil industry.

Professional Kitchen Appliances

This branch designs, manufactures and distributes a wide variety of tailor-made kitchen appliances and catering equipment for restaurants, hotels, educational establishments, hospitals, penitentiary facilities or cafeterias.

Teka, Küpperbusch and Kek are the brands Teka Group operates with in the various markets. Its technological developments have granted some of the most important awards in the sector, for instance, the Küche Award 2013. The division owns 3 production facilities in Germany and the Netherlands.